We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you.

Just as our motto says: “ Your friend in the Sign world ”, and we are not really new in the Sign Making Equipment
industry,as we have actually acquired a sign supplier ( Hondeal Display & Exhibition Sdn Bhd .) and injected a fresh
life into it.

We are professionals, as our sales and technical team have been involved in the industry from as far back as in the
90's.Our team of Management shared the vision in finding the best product available and dedicated in bringing
value and quality to our customers.

As a “complete” Sign Making Equipment Supplier, we understand our client's needs and our priority will be, to fulfil
their expectations and satisfaction with dedicated and professional services.

As we set high standards and quality for our services, plus a team of experienced staff, we managed to share good
relationship with our customer all over Malaysia.

CamJet Konica K5
CamJet Konica Ex
CamEco 5160
CamEco 5160L

CamLaser 1310HM
Matel Plus 1235S
Vicam VC-0609L
Vicam VC-1212L
Vicam VC-1325
Vicam VC-1325V/VS
Cutting Plotter
Inkjet Printer
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